Map of national and provincial parks and reserves in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a beautiful province with numerous parks and outdoor recreational opportunities. It boasts fascinating landscapes with a variety of flora and fauna, making it a popular destination among nature lovers. The province offers an array of parks- from national parks to provincial parks and other establishments that make for a memorable time in the great outdoors.

Nova Scotia's national parks, including Cape Breton Highlands National Park and Kejimkujik National Park, offer an escape from city life and bring travelers back to the roots of nature. These parks have stunning, winding roads, epic hikes, and invigorating water sports, making them perfect for families, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Provincial parks like Blomidon Provincial Park and Five Islands Provincial Park provide diverse natural landscapes ranging from geological features like rocky cliffs, canyons and woodlands, to sandy beaches and marshlands. Many of the provincial parks boast excellent camping sites, leaving travelers immersed in the natural ambiance of the region.

In addition to national and provincial parks, Nova Scotia is rich in other parks that offer visitors a chance to experience the history and culture of the area. The Shubenacadie Wildlife Park and The Halifax Public Gardens, for instance, are excellent tourist destinations that offer a glimpse of the region's flora and fauna.

To round off, visiting the parks in Nova Scotia is a must for anyone looking to explore this region. The parks offer a unique experience, and there is so much to discover with every park completely different from the others. You’ll be delighted with the breathtaking scenery, outdoor activities, and the chance to reconnect with nature. Plan your journey to Nova Scotia, and do not forget to check out the amazing parks the region has to offer.

How many parks in Nova Scotia you can find on Traveler Map?

  • national parks: 2
  • national reserve: 1
  • provincial parks: 86