Map of national parks, state parks, and others in Kansas

Kansas, also known as the Sunflower State, is a landlocked state located in the Midwest region of the United States. The state has many natural wonders that attract tourists from around the world, including its numerous state parks and national parks. Parks in Kansas offer a peaceful escape with a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, camping, bird watching, and fishing.

The state of Kansas has over 10,000 lakes and more than 40 state parks, each with its unique landscape and characteristics. From the towering Flint Hills in the east to the vast prairies in the west, Kansas state parks offer stunning views and diverse ecosystems. Visitors to these parks can enjoy scenic drives, beautiful lakes, and streams, as well as a variety of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, and hunting.

Kansas is also home to two national parks, both with a rich history and preserved wildlife. The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in the Flint Hills is one of the last remaining tallgrass prairie ecosystems in the world. The park includes beautiful vistas, historic homesteads, and miles of trails that provide visitors with the opportunity to connect with nature and experience the beauty of the prairie.

The second national park, the Fort Larned National Historic Site, is a restored military fort that played a significant role in American history. Visitors can learn about the lives of soldiers, Plains Indians, and traders, as well as experience the challenges and daily routine of those who lived and worked at the fort.

Visitors to Kansas's parks have access to a wide variety of amenities, including picnic tables, RV hookups, and modern restroom facilities. Along with these conveniences, many parks in Kansas offer educational programs, tours, and special events throughout the year, making them an excellent destination for families or school groups.

In conclusion, the parks in Kansas offer a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and history, making them an ideal destination for anyone seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With so many stunning landscapes and recreational activities to enjoy, there is no doubt that visitors will fall in love with Kansas's parks and want to return for many more years to come.

How many parks in Kansas you can find on Traveler Map?

  • national historical park: 1
  • national historic sites: 3
  • national memorial: 1
  • national preserve: 1
  • state parks: 26