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Crawford State Park is a beautiful outdoor destination located in Delta County, Colorado. Established in 1974, the park covers an area of 734 acres and offers a wide range of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.


There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained at Crawford State Park. Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted by the park's three reservoirs: Crawford Reservoir, Fruitgrowers Reservoir, and Smith Fork Reservoir. These reservoirs are home to a variety of fish species including trout, bass, and catfish. You can cast your line from the shore or rent a boat to explore the waters.

If you prefer water sports, you can go boating, kayaking, or paddleboarding on the reservoirs. The calm waters provide the perfect setting for a leisurely paddle or an adrenaline-filled adventure.

Hiking trails wind through the park, offering scenic views of the surrounding landscape. The West Trail takes you along the shoreline of Crawford Reservoir and offers opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife spotting.

Camping is also available at Crawford State Park. The park has two campgrounds with a total of 66 campsites equipped with picnic tables and fire rings. There are also showers and restrooms available for campers' convenience.


Crawford State Park is home to a diverse range of wildlife species. Birdwatchers will have the chance to spot various bird species such as bald eagles, ospreys, herons, and ducks. Mule deer and elk can often be seen grazing in the meadows surrounding the park.

Nearby Attractions

If you're looking to explore beyond Crawford State Park, there are several nearby attractions worth visiting. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is just a short drive away and offers stunning views of the deep, narrow canyon carved by the Gunnison River.

The town of Delta is also nearby and has a charming downtown area with shops, restaurants, and art galleries. You can explore the local history at the Delta County Historical Society Museum or enjoy a round of golf at one of the town's golf courses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Crawford State Park

Is there an entrance fee for Crawford State Park?

Yes, there is an entrance fee for Crawford State Park. The current fee is $9 per vehicle for Colorado residents and $11 per vehicle for out-of-state visitors.

Are pets allowed in Crawford State Park?

Yes, pets are allowed in Crawford State Park. However, they must be kept on a leash at all times and are not allowed in certain areas such as swim beaches.

Can I rent boats or paddleboards at Crawford State Park?

Yes, you can rent boats and paddleboards at Crawford State Park. The park has a boat rental facility where you can rent various types of watercraft for a fee.

Average weather in Crawford State Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 0 °C -15 °C 1 mm 38 mm
Feb 1 °C -12 °C 3 mm 38 mm
Mar 6 °C -8 °C 10 mm 34 mm
Apr 11 °C -4 °C 21 mm 20 mm
May 17 °C 1 °C 33 mm 8 mm
Jun 25 °C 8 °C 14 mm 0 mm
Jul 27 °C 11 °C 30 mm 0 mm
Aug 26 °C 10 °C 29 mm 0 mm
Sep 22 °C 6 °C 39 mm 0 mm
Oct 14 °C -1 °C 31 mm 12 mm
Nov 6 °C -9 °C 8 mm 29 mm
Dec 0 °C -14 °C 2 mm 50 mm

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