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Fort Delaware State Park is a historical site located on Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River. The park is home to Fort Delaware, a former Union fortress built during the Civil War. It was constructed in 1859 and served as a prison for Confederate soldiers during the war.


The construction of Fort Delaware began in 1848 and was completed in 1859. The fort was designed to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia from potential attacks by sea. During the Civil War, it served as a prison camp for Confederate soldiers captured during various battles.

What to See and Do

Visitors to Fort Delaware State Park can explore the historic fort and learn about its role during the Civil War. Guided tours are available, providing visitors with an in-depth look at the fort's history and architecture. The tour includes access to various areas of the fort, including the barracks, officer's quarters, and gun emplacements.

In addition to touring the fort, visitors can also enjoy picnicking, birdwatching, and hiking on Pea Patch Island. The island is home to a variety of wildlife, including migratory birds and deer.

Visitor Information

Fort Delaware State Park is open seasonally from April through October. Admission fees apply for both adults and children over the age of five. Guided tours are included with admission and last approximately one hour.

The park can be accessed by ferry from Delaware City or by private boat. Ferry service operates on a limited schedule, so it is recommended to check the park's website for current departure times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Fort Delaware State Park

Is there parking available at Fort Delaware State Park?

Yes, there is parking available at the ferry terminal in Delaware City. Visitors can park their cars and take the ferry to Pea Patch Island.

Are pets allowed in Fort Delaware State Park?

No, pets are not allowed on Pea Patch Island or in Fort Delaware State Park. This policy is in place to protect the wildlife and historic structures on the island.

Can I bring my own food to Fort Delaware State Park?

Yes, visitors are welcome to bring their own food and have a picnic on Pea Patch Island. There are picnic tables available for use.

Average weather in Fort Delaware State Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 5 °C -3 °C 55 mm 14 mm
Feb 7 °C -1 °C 70 mm 13 mm
Mar 11 °C 2 °C 76 mm 11 mm
Apr 17 °C 8 °C 86 mm 0 mm
May 23 °C 14 °C 102 mm 0 mm
Jun 27 °C 19 °C 110 mm 0 mm
Jul 30 °C 22 °C 114 mm 0 mm
Aug 28 °C 21 °C 108 mm 0 mm
Sep 25 °C 18 °C 90 mm 0 mm
Oct 19 °C 12 °C 115 mm 0 mm
Nov 12 °C 5 °C 68 mm 1 mm
Dec 8 °C 1 °C 95 mm 4 mm

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