Freedom Riders National Monument - map and other informations


The Freedom Riders National Monument is a historic site located in Anniston, Alabama. It commemorates the brave individuals who participated in the Freedom Rides during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. This monument was established on May 24, 2017, by President Barack Obama to honor the courage and sacrifice of these activists.

What to See and Do

When visiting the Freedom Riders National Monument, you will have the opportunity to explore various attractions and engage in meaningful activities. Here are some highlights:

Interpretive Center

The Interpretive Center serves as the main visitor center for the monument. Here, you can learn about the history of the Freedom Rides through interactive exhibits, displays, and multimedia presentations. Knowledgeable park rangers are available to provide additional information and answer any questions you may have.

Freedom Riders Bus Burning Site

One of the most significant locations within the monument is the site where a Greyhound bus was set on fire by a mob on May 14, 1961. This event marked a turning point in the Freedom Rides and symbolizes the challenges faced by the activists during their journey.

Guided Tours

To gain a deeper understanding of the Freedom Rides and the impact they had on the Civil Rights Movement, consider joining a guided tour. These tours are led by knowledgeable guides who provide insightful commentary and take you to key locations within the monument.

Outdoor Recreation

The Freedom Riders National Monument offers opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hiking and picnicking. The serene surroundings provide a peaceful atmosphere for reflection and contemplation.

Visitor Information

Here are some essential details to help you plan your visit to the Freedom Riders National Monument:


The monument is located at 1031 Gurnee Avenue, Anniston, Alabama.

Operating Hours:

The monument is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Entry to the Freedom Riders National Monument is free of charge.


The monument is wheelchair accessible, with designated parking spaces and ramps for easy access. Accessible restrooms are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Freedom Riders National Monument

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is parking available at the Freedom Riders National Monument. Designated parking spaces are provided for visitors.

Are there guided tours available?

Yes, guided tours are available at the Freedom Riders National Monument. These tours provide in-depth insights into the history and significance of the Freedom Rides.

Can I bring food for a picnic?

Yes, you are welcome to bring food for a picnic at the Freedom Riders National Monument. There are designated picnic areas where you can enjoy your meal amidst the peaceful surroundings.

Average weather in Freedom Riders National Monument

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 11 °C 2 °C 118 mm 1 mm
Feb 14 °C 4 °C 140 mm 2 mm
Mar 18 °C 8 °C 129 mm 0 mm
Apr 22 °C 11 °C 120 mm 0 mm
May 26 °C 16 °C 91 mm 0 mm
Jun 30 °C 20 °C 99 mm 0 mm
Jul 31 °C 22 °C 101 mm 0 mm
Aug 31 °C 22 °C 104 mm 0 mm
Sep 29 °C 19 °C 69 mm 0 mm
Oct 24 °C 14 °C 81 mm 0 mm
Nov 17 °C 7 °C 83 mm 0 mm
Dec 14 °C 5 °C 136 mm 1 mm

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