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The Greenbrier River Trail is a scenic and picturesque trail located in West Virginia. It stretches for 78 miles along the Greenbrier River, offering visitors a unique and immersive outdoor experience. Whether you're an avid hiker, cyclist, or nature enthusiast, this trail has something for everyone.

Establishment and Location

The Greenbrier River Trail was established in 1981 and is managed by the West Virginia State Parks system. It is located in the southeastern part of the state, running through Pocahontas, Greenbrier, and Summers counties. The trailhead is easily accessible from several nearby towns, including Cass, Marlinton, and Lewisburg.

Trail Highlights

As you traverse the Greenbrier River Trail, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, lush forests, and the meandering Greenbrier River itself. The trail is mostly flat and well-maintained, making it suitable for all skill levels.

Along the way, you'll come across several historic sites, including old railroad depots, bridges, and tunnels. These remnants of the area's rich railroad history add a touch of nostalgia to your journey.

The trail also offers ample opportunities for wildlife spotting. Keep your eyes peeled for deer, wild turkeys, and a variety of bird species. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a black bear or bobcat.

Activities and Recreation

The Greenbrier River Trail is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking and biking are the most popular activities, with the trail providing a smooth and scenic path for both. Cyclists can rent bikes from local outfitters if they don't have their own.

If you're a fishing enthusiast, be sure to bring your gear along. The Greenbrier River is teeming with smallmouth bass, trout, and other fish species. Cast your line and enjoy a peaceful day of fishing along the riverbanks.

Camping is another option for those who want to extend their stay. There are several campgrounds along the trail, offering basic amenities and a chance to immerse yourself in nature. Just remember to obtain any necessary permits and follow Leave No Trace principles.

Planning Your Visit

Before embarking on your Greenbrier River Trail adventure, it's important to plan ahead. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly, as the trail can be muddy after rainfall. Bring plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen, as there are limited facilities along the trail.

It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the trail map and plan your route in advance. Consider the distance you want to cover and the points of interest you'd like to see. Don't forget to factor in rest stops and time to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Greenbrier RiverTrail

Is the Greenbrier River Trail suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Greenbrier River Trail is suitable for beginners. The trail is mostly flat and well-maintained, making it accessible for hikers and cyclists of all skill levels.

Are pets allowed on the trail?

Yes, pets are allowed on the Greenbrier River Trail. However, they must be kept on a leash at all times and owners are responsible for cleaning up after them.

Are there camping facilities along the trail?

Yes, there are several campgrounds along the Greenbrier River Trail. These campgrounds offer basic amenities such as restrooms and picnic tables. However, it's advisable to check availability and make reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Average weather in Greenbrier RiverTrail

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 3 °C -6 °C 69 mm 23 mm
Feb 5 °C -4 °C 80 mm 25 mm
Mar 10 °C 0 °C 78 mm 20 mm
Apr 15 °C 4 °C 109 mm 5 mm
May 20 °C 10 °C 139 mm 0 mm
Jun 23 °C 14 °C 112 mm 0 mm
Jul 25 °C 17 °C 120 mm 0 mm
Aug 24 °C 16 °C 101 mm 0 mm
Sep 22 °C 13 °C 94 mm 0 mm
Oct 16 °C 8 °C 104 mm 6 mm
Nov 9 °C 0 °C 71 mm 6 mm
Dec 6 °C -2 °C 86 mm 16 mm

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