Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park - map and other informations


Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park is a picturesque park located in London, Kentucky. Established in 1931, the park spans over 896 acres and offers visitors a unique blend of history, nature, and recreational activities. Whether you're a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply looking for a peaceful getaway, Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park has something to offer for everyone.


The park's name pays homage to Levi Jackson, an early pioneer who operated a tavern and inn along the Wilderness Road in the late 18th century. The Wilderness Road was a crucial route used by early settlers to travel through the Appalachian Mountains into Kentucky. Today, visitors can explore the recreated McHargue's Mill and the Boone Trace Trail, which follows the path of Daniel Boone as he blazed his way through the wilderness.

Nature Trails

Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park boasts several scenic nature trails that wind through its lush forests and meadows. The Laurel Cove Trail is a popular choice among hikers, offering breathtaking views of waterfalls and rock formations. For those seeking a more leisurely stroll, the Tree Identification Trail provides an educational experience with informative signs about various tree species found in the area.


If you're looking to immerse yourself in nature overnight, Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park offers camping facilities for both tents and RVs. The campground features spacious sites with electric hookups, picnic tables, fire rings, and access to modern restroom facilities. Additionally, there are two rental cabins available for those who prefer a more comfortable stay.

Picnicking and Recreation

The park provides ample opportunities for picnicking with family and friends. There are numerous picnic shelters equipped with grills throughout the park where visitors can enjoy a meal surrounded by nature. For recreational activities, the park offers a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and playgrounds for children.

Events and Programs

Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park hosts various events and programs throughout the year to engage visitors of all ages. From guided hikes and nature workshops to historical reenactments and music festivals, there's always something happening at the park. Be sure to check the park's official website or contact the visitor center for an updated schedule of events during your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park

Is there an entrance fee for Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park?

Yes, there is an entrance fee for vehicles entering the park. The current fee is $5 per vehicle.

Are pets allowed in Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park?

Yes, pets are allowed in designated areas of the park as long as they are kept on a leash at all times. Pet owners are also responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Can I fish in Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park?

Yes, fishing is allowed in the park's lake. Anglers must have a valid Kentucky fishing license and adhere to all state fishing regulations.

Average weather in Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 7 °C -1 °C 91 mm 10 mm
Feb 10 °C 1 °C 137 mm 10 mm
Mar 15 °C 4 °C 123 mm 5 mm
Apr 19 °C 9 °C 116 mm 1 mm
May 24 °C 14 °C 114 mm 0 mm
Jun 28 °C 18 °C 112 mm 0 mm
Jul 30 °C 20 °C 135 mm 0 mm
Aug 28 °C 19 °C 124 mm 0 mm
Sep 26 °C 17 °C 92 mm 0 mm
Oct 20 °C 11 °C 107 mm 0 mm
Nov 13 °C 4 °C 85 mm 1 mm
Dec 10 °C 2 °C 132 mm 4 mm

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