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Mammoth Cave National Park is located in south-central Kentucky and is part of the largest underground cave in the world. Carved into the limestone rock under the rolling hills of the region, the cave extends for more than 400 miles. It is a must-see for anyone seeking a fascinating, educational and dazzling outdoor adventure.

The earliest known evidence of people in the cave dates as far back as 4,000 B.C., when Native Americans explored and used portions of the cave. In 1812, settler Stephen Bishop made the first recorded discovery of the cave, eventually mapping out and discovering a good portion of its many passages. The cave later became the world’s first National Park, established in 1941.

If you decide to explore the park, you can choose from a wide variety of activities. There are several cavern tours ranging from easy two-hour tours to extreme overnight camping tours. You can also explore the park on hiking trails, which range from easy one-mile loops to long and strenuous backcountry routes. The park is also home to a delightful variety of wildlife, such as bats, salamanders, and rare plants. You can even find rare wildflowers such as Laurel Knob Seeps and Kentucky Canyon Glade Crowsfoot.

Mammoth Cave National Park covers an area of just over 52,800 acres. The park is rich in natural resources and human history, offering activities and recreation for all ages. The park is home to more than a dozen cave trails, which include some of the longest known cave systems in the world. There are approximately 150 miles of surveyed passages and as many as 365 miles of surveyed trails within the caves.

You’ll also find a number of attractions in Mammoth Cave National Park, such as the Elk & Bison Prairie, a nature preserve for these species that was established in 1978. Other attractions include Diamond Cave, one of the longest caves in the park, and the Historic Entrance and Visitor Center. Here, visitors can learn all they need to know about cave exploration and marvel at the interactive exhibits.

The cave and its surrounding region are so special and unique, UNESCO deemed it a World Heritage Site in 1981. The park has since become a popular destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike, with something special to offer each and every guest.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Mammoth Cave National Park

Where is Mammoth Cave National Park located?

Mammoth Cave National Park is located in central Kentucky, 89 miles (143 kilometers) south of Louisville, 118 miles (190 kilometers) southwest of Lexington, 238 miles (383 kilometers) northwest of Nashville, and 177 miles (285 kilometers) northeast of Memphis.

How long is Mammoth Cave?

Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky contains more than 400 miles of mapped passageways. This makes it the longest known cave system in the world.

What to do at Mammoth Cave National Park?

Mammoth Cave National Park is a wonder of nature located in Kentucky. Visitors can explore its winding underground caverns and dark passageways. Ranger-guided tours through the cave system provide a unique experience, while the scenic trails above ground offer a variety of outdoor experiences. Visitors can partake in activities such as canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, and biking in addition to touring the caves. Families can explore the park’s cultural and natural history on interpretive programs, stars programs, and campfire programs. Visitors can also explore the park’s Heritage Trail, which is full of interpretive programs showcasing the park’s archeological and cultural history. A visit to Mammoth Cave National Park is an unforgettable experience that will provide lasting memories.

What is Mammoth Cave National Park famous for?

Mammoth Cave National Park is famous for its underground cave system, the longest known cave system in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains a vast array of geological formations, fossils, and a variety of animal species. There are over 400 miles of surveyed cave passageways, making it the world’s most explored and studied cave system.

Average weather in Mammoth Cave National Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 7 °C -1 °C 87 mm 9 mm
Feb 9 °C 0 °C 132 mm 8 mm
Mar 15 °C 5 °C 117 mm 5 mm
Apr 19 °C 9 °C 130 mm 0 mm
May 25 °C 15 °C 105 mm 0 mm
Jun 29 °C 19 °C 116 mm 0 mm
Jul 31 °C 22 °C 120 mm 0 mm
Aug 30 °C 21 °C 104 mm 0 mm
Sep 27 °C 18 °C 85 mm 0 mm
Oct 21 °C 12 °C 108 mm 0 mm
Nov 13 °C 4 °C 79 mm 1 mm
Dec 10 °C 2 °C 127 mm 2 mm

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