Monte Sano State Park - map and other informations


Monte Sano State Park in Alabama is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the natural beauty and outdoor adventure of the state. Established in 1935, the park is located in Huntsville, Alabama and spans over 2,140 acres of lush forests, towering mountain peaks, and peaceful valleys.

One of the most striking features of Monte Sano State Park is its breathtaking scenery. From the moment you enter the park, you'll be surrounded by stunning landscapes that are sure to take your breath away. The park is situated on the mountaintops of the Appalachian range, and its panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape are unparalleled.

There are plenty of things to do and see at Monte Sano State Park, making it an ideal destination for families, nature lovers, and outdoor adventurers alike. Some of the top activities to enjoy at the park include hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, and camping.

The hiking trails at Monte Sano State Park are some of the best in the state, offering a range of difficulty levels and stunning views of the surrounding area. For those looking for an easy stroll, there are plenty of leisurely trails that wind through the picturesque forests and valleys. For more experienced hikers, the park also boasts several challenging trails that scale the mountain peaks and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

For those who enjoy mountain biking, the park's trails offer a great opportunity to explore the wilderness on two wheels. The park has several challenging mountain biking trails that take riders through scenic forests and across rugged terrain. Whether you're an experienced mountain biker or just starting out, Monte Sano State Park is a great destination for a biking adventure.

If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy a picnic, Monte Sano State Park has plenty of options to choose from. There are several picnic areas throughout the park that offer scenic views and a peaceful atmosphere. Many of these areas have grills and tables, making them perfect for a family outing or group gathering.

For those who want to spend the night in the park, Monte Sano State Park offers several camping options. There are both RV and tent campsites available, as well as several cabins that can be rented for a more comfortable camping experience. No matter what type of camping you choose, you'll be surrounded by the natural beauty and tranquility of the park.

Overall, Monte Sano State Park in Alabama is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best that nature has to offer. With its stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, this park is the perfect place to explore, relax, and unwind.

Average weather in Monte Sano State Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 10 °C 1 °C 124 mm 2 mm
Feb 12 °C 3 °C 154 mm 3 mm
Mar 17 °C 7 °C 153 mm 1 mm
Apr 21 °C 11 °C 130 mm 0 mm
May 26 °C 16 °C 92 mm 0 mm
Jun 30 °C 20 °C 108 mm 0 mm
Jul 31 °C 22 °C 124 mm 0 mm
Aug 30 °C 22 °C 104 mm 0 mm
Sep 28 °C 19 °C 88 mm 0 mm
Oct 23 °C 13 °C 97 mm 0 mm
Nov 16 °C 6 °C 87 mm 0 mm
Dec 12 °C 5 °C 159 mm 1 mm

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