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The Oklahoma City National Memorial is a somber and poignant tribute to the victims of the tragic bombing that occurred on April 19, 1995. Located in downtown Oklahoma City, this memorial serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength of the community in the face of adversity.

History and Establishment

The Oklahoma City National Memorial was established to honor the 168 individuals who lost their lives in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The memorial was officially dedicated on April 19, 2000, the fifth anniversary of the bombing. It stands on the site where the Murrah Building once stood, serving as a lasting memorial to the victims and a symbol of hope for the future.

What to See and Do

Visitors to the Oklahoma City National Memorial can explore the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial, which encompasses the grounds where the Murrah Building once stood. The memorial features several distinct areas, each with its own significance.

The Gates of Time

The Gates of Time mark the entrance to the memorial and serve as a powerful reminder of the exact moment the bombing took place. One gate represents 9:01, the minute before the explosion, while the other gate represents 9:03, the minute after the explosion. Between the gates, a reflecting pool reflects the image of those who visit, creating a sense of unity and remembrance.

The Field of Empty Chairs

The Field of Empty Chairs is perhaps the most striking and emotional feature of the memorial. It consists of 168 empty chairs, each representing a life lost in the bombing. The chairs are arranged in nine rows, corresponding to the nine floors of the Murrah Building. Each chair bears the name of a victim, etched in glass, ensuring that their memory lives on.

The Survivor Tree

The Survivor Tree is a symbol of resilience and hope. This American Elm tree stood just a few feet away from the Murrah Building and miraculously survived the blast. Today, it stands tall and serves as a living testament to the strength of the Oklahoma City community.

Visitor Information

The Oklahoma City National Memorial is open year-round and welcomes visitors from all over the world. Admission to the memorial is free, allowing everyone the opportunity to pay their respects and learn about this tragic event in American history.

When visiting the memorial, it is important to approach with respect and reverence. The memorial is a place of reflection and remembrance, and visitors are encouraged to maintain a quiet and solemn atmosphere.

There are several ways to experience the memorial, including self-guided tours and guided tours led by knowledgeable park rangers. Audio tours are also available, providing additional insights and information about the memorial and its significance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Oklahoma City National Memorial

Is there an admission fee for the Oklahoma City National Memorial?

No, admission to the Oklahoma City National Memorial is free for all visitors.

What are the operating hours of the memorial?

The Oklahoma City National Memorial is open year-round. The Outdoor Symbolic Memorial is accessible 24 hours a day, while the museum has specific operating hours which can be found on their official website.

Can I take a guided tour of the memorial?

Yes, guided tours of the Oklahoma City National Memorial are available. These tours are led by park rangers who provide in-depth information about the memorial and its significance. Audio tours are also available for a more immersive experience.

Average weather in Oklahoma City National Memorial

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 10 °C 0 °C 28 mm 3 mm
Feb 11 °C 0 °C 32 mm 7 mm
Mar 18 °C 7 °C 70 mm 1 mm
Apr 22 °C 11 °C 113 mm 0 mm
May 26 °C 16 °C 142 mm 0 mm
Jun 31 °C 22 °C 87 mm 0 mm
Jul 34 °C 24 °C 67 mm 0 mm
Aug 33 °C 24 °C 57 mm 0 mm
Sep 30 °C 20 °C 68 mm 0 mm
Oct 23 °C 13 °C 77 mm 0 mm
Nov 16 °C 6 °C 39 mm 1 mm
Dec 11 °C 2 °C 34 mm 3 mm

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