Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park - map and other informations


Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Ontario, Canada. This picturesque park is located just a short drive from the town of Petawawa, making it easily accessible for both locals and travelers alike. With its stunning natural beauty and abundance of recreational activities, Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.


Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park was established in 1967 and has since become a beloved destination for camping, hiking, and wildlife viewing. The park spans over 200 hectares and is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species. Its pristine forests, tranquil lakes, and scenic trails make it a haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat in nature.

Things to Do and See

There is no shortage of activities to enjoy at Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park. Whether you're looking to relax by the water, explore the wilderness, or engage in recreational sports, this park has something for everyone.


One of the main attractions of Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park is its well-maintained campground. With over 100 campsites available, visitors can choose between tent camping or RV camping. Each site is equipped with a picnic table and a fire pit, allowing for cozy evenings spent under the stars. The campground also offers clean washroom facilities and access to drinking water.


For those who love to explore on foot, Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park boasts a network of scenic hiking trails. These trails wind through lush forests, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hiker, there are trails suited to all skill levels. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the park!

Canoeing and Kayaking

With its pristine lakes and calm waters, Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park is a paradise for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts. Rent a canoe or kayak from the park's rental service and embark on a peaceful journey across the water. Paddle along the shoreline, explore hidden coves, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Wildlife Viewing

Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park is teeming with wildlife, making it a prime spot for animal lovers. Keep your eyes peeled for deer, moose, beavers, and a variety of bird species. The park's diverse ecosystem provides a habitat for many different animals, offering visitors a chance to observe them in their natural environment.

Visitor Information

If you're planning a trip to Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park, here are some important details to keep in mind:

  • Location: Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park is located at 1001 Murphy Road, Petawawa, Ontario.
  • Opening Hours: The park is open year-round, but specific activities and facilities may have seasonal availability.
  • Entrance Fee: There is an entrance fee per vehicle, which helps support the maintenance and conservation of the park.
  • Park Regulations: Visitors are expected to follow park regulations, including proper waste disposal and respecting wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park

Can I bring my pet to Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park?

Pets are welcome at Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park, but they must be kept on a leash at all times. It's important to clean up after your pet and dispose of waste properly to maintain the cleanliness of the park.

Are there any swimming areas in the park?

Yes, Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park has designated swimming areas where visitors can cool off during the summer months. These areas are monitored by lifeguards to ensure the safety of swimmers.

Are there any picnic areas in the park?

Yes, Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park offers several picnic areas where visitors can enjoy a meal surrounded by nature. These areas are equipped with picnic tables and barbecue facilities, making them perfect for a family outing or a gathering with friends.

Average weather in Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan -6 °C -15 °C 16 mm 37 mm
Feb -5 °C -13 °C 17 mm 32 mm
Mar 1 °C -8 °C 37 mm 22 mm
Apr 8 °C -1 °C 75 mm 18 mm
May 18 °C 7 °C 86 mm 1 mm
Jun 23 °C 13 °C 98 mm 0 mm
Jul 26 °C 17 °C 81 mm 0 mm
Aug 24 °C 16 °C 101 mm 0 mm
Sep 20 °C 12 °C 100 mm 0 mm
Oct 13 °C 6 °C 99 mm 2 mm
Nov 4 °C -2 °C 45 mm 17 mm
Dec -2 °C -9 °C 31 mm 36 mm

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