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Pukaskwa National Park is located in Ontario, and was established in 1978. The park is immense in size, covering a total of 1,878 square kilometers and is filled with incredible sights and experiences. With over 200 square kilometers of pristine wilderness and over 170 kilometers of protected shoreline lined with white-sand beaches, the park offers many breathtaking views and activities.

Pukaskwa National Park is an exciting destination for hikers, adventurers, and nature lovers alike. Its vast and diverse terrain features breathtaking cliffs, long stretches of sandy beaches, gentle plateaus, lush boreal forests, and river valleys. Deep in the park’s interior you’ll find ancient petroglyphs carved into its bedrock, as well as numerous wildflowers, waterfalls, and various species of wildlife.

For travelers on foot, Pukaskwa National Park offers numerous trails and looped hiking circuits. The Coastal Hiking Trail is the main attraction and spans over 65 kilometers with camping sites along the way. This trail offers unique access to the park's coastline, featuring expansive stretches of white-sand beaches and challenging sections along rocky shorelines and shallow arcs. Other trails include the Horseshoe Bay Caves Trail, the Woodland Trails, and the Summer Site Trail. Each route offers hikers a combination of scenic beauty and challenging terrain, with a variety of plants, animals, and other wildlife to observe.

For those seeking something more adventurous, Pukaskwa National Park offers many activities such as camping, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, and snowshoeing. The park is also home to the Anishinabeg Heritage Centre, which provides visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the traditions and cultures of the First Nations people of Ontario in a fun and interactive way.

If you’re looking to explore Ontario’s wilderness, Pukaskwa National Park is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re searching for a scenic hike, a relaxing paddle in a canoe, or just some beautiful scenery, Pukaskwa National Park has something for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Pukaskwa National Park

Where is Pukaskwa National Park located?

Pukaskwa National Park is located along the north shore of Lake Superior in Northern Ontario, Canada.

What type of activities can I do in the park?

Visitors to Pukaskwa National Park can enjoy activities such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and camping.

Is there any accommodation options offered in the park?

Yes, there are back-country camping opportunities available in the park for visitors who want to take in the wilderness.

Are pets allowed in the park?

No, pets are not allowed in the park to maintain the wildlife balance and protect visitors from wildlife encounters.

Average weather in Pukaskwa National Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan -8 °C -17 °C 2 mm 38 mm
Feb -9 °C -16 °C 2 mm 36 mm
Mar -2 °C -10 °C 14 mm 25 mm
Apr 4 °C -4 °C 27 mm 26 mm
May 12 °C 3 °C 68 mm 3 mm
Jun 18 °C 9 °C 97 mm 0 mm
Jul 20 °C 12 °C 91 mm 0 mm
Aug 19 °C 13 °C 93 mm 0 mm
Sep 16 °C 10 °C 124 mm 0 mm
Oct 8 °C 3 °C 96 mm 7 mm
Nov 1 °C -4 °C 39 mm 28 mm
Dec -5 °C -12 °C 15 mm 44 mm

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