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Saguaro National Park is a United States National Park located in southern Arizona, east of Tucson. Established in 1994, Saguaro is a desert park that is part of the larger Sonoran Desert and protects the iconic saguaro cactus. The park, which is managed by the National Park Service, includes two distinct areas divided by the city of Tucson: the Tucson Mountain District to the west and the Rincon Mountain District to the east of the city. The park covers 91,348 acres and is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, including more than 1,400 species of plants and 61 species of animals.

This popular park is known for the iconic saguaro cacti, the largest cacti in the United States, which can grow up to 50 feet tall. These giant cacti provide a spectacular centerpiece to the park's stunning desert landscape and can be seen growing in abundance in the park's cacti-covered hills. Visitors to Saguaro National Park can marvel at the spectacular views as they hike, camp, and explore the park's vast trails and natural features. There are also a number of scenic drive-in sites and selfie spots.

Other notable wildlife spotted in the park include coyotes, bobcats, gray foxes, mule deer, various bird species, and Gila monsters. In addition to wildlife, the park is home to a number of historic and cultural sites which include the ruins of the ancient Hohokam people, as well as the trails of the 19th century cattle drives.

Saguaro National Park has a long history of human inhabitance, from the Hohokam people who lived in the area for centuries to the Apache and Mojave people who followed. In 1933, the National Park Service established the Tucson Mountain District, the first portion of the park which is still open to the public today. Other portions of the park have been added over the years, culminating with the establishment of the entire Saguaro National Park in 1994.

Today, Saguaro National Park is a popular destination for adventurers, photographers, and nature-lovers alike. With its stunning desert scenery and its abundant wildlife, Saguaro is an oasis in the desert, a place to explore and learn about the unique desert environment and the species that call it home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Saguaro National Park

Where is Saguaro National Park located?

Saguaro National Park is located on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona, about 8 miles (12 km) east of downtown Tucson, 33 miles (53 km) north of Nogales, Arizona, and 61 miles (98 km) south of Phoenix, Arizona.

What to do and see in Saguaro National Park?

Saguaro National Park offers visitors a chance to explore the Sonoran Desert. Activities include hiking, biking, photography, and bird watching. The park also has guided ranger programs, which provide educational opportunities on the native flora and fauna. Visitors can explore the ruins of 19th century homesteads, view the stars and desert sunsets, and witness the blooming of giant Saguaro cacti.

Which side of Saguaro National Park is better, east or west?

Since Saguaro National Park is relatively small, both sides of the park have similar qualities. The east offers more traditional desert scenery, while the west may be more scenic with its iconic mountain, Fullerton Ridge.

Are dogs allowed at Saguaro National Park?

No, pets are not allowed on trails or in the backcountry of Saguaro National Park. Pets are allowed in the picnic areas, parking lots, and campgrounds; however, they must be on a leash 6 feet or shorter at all times.

Average weather in Saguaro National Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 15 °C 2 °C 27 mm 2 mm
Feb 16 °C 3 °C 20 mm 3 mm
Mar 20 °C 7 °C 16 mm 1 mm
Apr 25 °C 11 °C 5 mm 0 mm
May 29 °C 15 °C 3 mm 0 mm
Jun 35 °C 21 °C 10 mm 0 mm
Jul 33 °C 22 °C 67 mm 0 mm
Aug 32 °C 21 °C 56 mm 0 mm
Sep 30 °C 18 °C 44 mm 0 mm
Oct 26 °C 12 °C 19 mm 0 mm
Nov 20 °C 6 °C 17 mm 0 mm
Dec 14 °C 2 °C 34 mm 2 mm

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