Sam Houston Jones State Park - map and other informations


Located in the heart of Louisiana, Sam Houston Jones State Park is a stunning natural oasis that offers visitors a wide range of outdoor activities and breathtaking scenery. Established in 1954, this state park spans over 1,000 acres and is named after Sam Houston Jones, the 46th Governor of Louisiana.


Sam Houston Jones State Park provides endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore and enjoy nature. Whether you're an avid hiker, angler, or birdwatcher, there's something for everyone here.

Hiking and Nature Trails

The park boasts several well-maintained hiking trails that wind through its diverse ecosystems. From towering pine forests to serene marshes, these trails offer a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Keep an eye out for native wildlife such as deer, rabbits, and various bird species along the way.


If you're a fishing enthusiast, you'll be delighted by the park's abundant fishing opportunities. Cast your line into one of the park's three stocked ponds or try your luck at catching bass or catfish in the Calcasieu River. Don't forget to obtain a valid Louisiana fishing license before you start reeling them in!

Boating and Kayaking

For those who love being on the water, Sam Houston Jones State Park offers boat launches and rentals for boating enthusiasts. Explore the calm waters of Longleaf Bayou or paddle along the scenic Calcasieu River in a kayak or canoe.


In addition to its recreational activities, Sam Houston Jones State Park also offers breathtaking sights that are worth exploring.

Cypress Swamps

One of the highlights of the park is its picturesque cypress swamps. Take a leisurely stroll along the boardwalks that wind through these enchanting wetlands, and marvel at the towering cypress trees draped in Spanish moss.

Wildlife Observation

Sam Houston Jones State Park is home to a diverse array of wildlife. Bring your binoculars and camera to spot various bird species, including herons, egrets, and woodpeckers. Keep an eye out for alligators sunning themselves on the banks of the ponds or river.


To ensure a comfortable visit, Sam Houston Jones State Park offers several facilities for visitors.


The park features over 100 campsites equipped with water and electrical hookups. Whether you prefer tent camping or RV camping, you'll find suitable sites surrounded by nature's tranquility. Make sure to reserve your campsite in advance as they can fill up quickly during peak seasons.

Picnic Areas

If you're planning a day trip, there are numerous picnic areas scattered throughout the park. Enjoy a delicious meal amidst the scenic beauty while taking advantage of the provided grills and tables.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sam Houston Jones State Park

Is there an entrance fee for Sam Houston Jones State Park?

Yes, there is an entrance fee for Sam Houston Jones State Park. The current fee is $3 per person for ages 4-61. However, seniors aged 62 and above can enter for free.

Are pets allowed in the park?

Yes, pets are allowed in Sam Houston Jones State Park. However, they must be kept on a leash at all times and are not permitted in certain areas such as the swimming beach and playgrounds.

Can I rent equipment for fishing or boating?

Yes, Sam Houston Jones State Park offers equipment rentals for fishing and boating. You can rent fishing gear, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards from the park's office. Rental fees may apply.

Average weather in Sam Houston Jones State Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 16 °C 8 °C 129 mm 0 mm
Feb 18 °C 10 °C 100 mm 0 mm
Mar 22 °C 13 °C 108 mm 0 mm
Apr 25 °C 16 °C 148 mm 0 mm
May 28 °C 20 °C 153 mm 0 mm
Jun 31 °C 24 °C 141 mm 0 mm
Jul 32 °C 25 °C 126 mm 0 mm
Aug 32 °C 25 °C 166 mm 0 mm
Sep 30 °C 22 °C 129 mm 0 mm
Oct 27 °C 18 °C 90 mm 0 mm
Nov 21 °C 12 °C 86 mm 0 mm
Dec 18 °C 10 °C 141 mm 0 mm

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