Map of national parks, state parks, and others in Hawaii

Hawaii is a true paradise for nature lovers, and its parks are certainly some of the best attractions to visit if you are looking for an escape in the heart of nature. From stunning coastal trails and secluded beaches to lush rainforests and volcanic landscapes, Hawaii is a place of diverse natural beauty that will enchant visitors of all ages and interests.

The state is home to dozens of state parks and six national parks, which offer visitors a chance to experience the beauty and diversity of Hawaii's stunning natural landscapes. Whether you are looking for a scenic drive, a hike, or a place to relax and soak up the sun, there is something for everyone in Hawaii's parks.

For those interested in hiking, Hawaii's parks provide some of the best trails in the world. From easy walks to challenging climbs, there are trails for all skill levels. Hiking trails in Hawaii range from coastal trails that offer beautiful views of the ocean to mountain hikes that take you through lush forests and past stunning waterfalls.

Snorkeling and water sports enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to explore Hawaii's rich marine life in its parks, with many offering excellent snorkeling spots and places to swim. Visitors can experience the thrill of swimming with dolphins and sea turtles in the crystal-clear waters of Hawaii.

Hawaii's parks are also home to some of the most unique geological formations in the world, such as imposing volcanoes and craters. Visitors can explore volcanoes and climb to the summit of dormant volcanoes for breathtaking views of the island. The volcanic landscapes of Hawaii provide visitors with a sense of awe and wonder that is hard to find anywhere else.

Those looking to simply relax can enjoy Hawaii's pristine beaches, which are among the most beautiful in the world. Whether you prefer secluded beaches or bustling ones, Hawaii's parks offer a diverse range of beach options where you can soak up the sun, swim in the ocean, and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Overall, Hawaii's parks offer something for everyone. From stunning landscapes and unique geological formations to hiking, swimming, and beach activities, Hawaii's parks are a must-visit destination for any traveler looking to experience the natural beauty of the island. So, don't hesitate to plan a visit to Hawaii's parks and make the most out of your trip to this incredible destination.

How many parks in Hawaii you can find on Traveler Map?

  • national historical parks: 3
  • national historic sites: 2
  • national memorial: 1
  • national monument: 1
  • national parks: 2