Map of national parks, state parks, and others in Wyoming

Wyoming is an outdoor adventurer's dream destination, and one of the best ways to explore this beautiful state is by visiting its parks. With world-renowned national and state parks dotting the landscape, Wyoming offers countless opportunities for visitors to connect with nature and indulge in a variety of outdoor activities.

National parks in Wyoming are some of the most visited in the country, and for good reason. From Yellowstone National Park's incredible geothermal features and abundant wildlife, to Grand Teton National Park's towering mountain ranges and pristine lakes, visitors can experience some of America's most iconic landscapes. Both parks offer camping, hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing opportunities, making them a must-visit for any nature lover.

In addition to the national parks, Wyoming is home to state parks that offer unique experiences for visitors. For example, Curt Gowdy State Park offers mountain biking, hiking, and fishing, while Boysen State Park offers camping, boating, and rock climbing. Visitors can also explore parks like Sinks Canyon State Park, which features a canyon with a mysterious disappearing river, and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, which offers stunning views of the Bighorn Mountains and the canyon's pristine waters.

One of the beauties of Wyoming's parks is their accessibility. Most parks are easily accessible from major highways, making them perfect for day trips or longer vacations. Many parks also offer ranger-led activities, guided tours, and educational programs, giving visitors an opportunity to learn about the history and ecology of the region.

Whether you're an avid hiker, angler, or just looking to escape city life, Wyoming parks offer endless opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Visiting these parks is a fantastic way to make unforgettable memories with friends and family. Plan your trip to Wyoming's national and state parks today and experience the beauty of the Wild West!

How many parks in Wyoming you can find on Traveler Map?

  • national historic site: 1
  • national monuments: 2
  • national parks: 2
  • national recreation area: 1
  • state parks: 12