Rickwood Caverns State Park - map and other informations


Rickwood Caverns State Park in Alabama is a natural attraction situated in the heart of Warrior and encompasses a vast area of 380 acres. Established in the year 1974, the State Park brings forth a unique experience for visitors to explore the underground caverns, engage in outdoor activities, and learn about the rich history and culture of Alabama. There are a plethora of things to see and do at Rickwood Caverns State Park, making it one of the must-visit destinations in the state.

The State Park boasts of extensive cave networks, which are the biggest attraction of the park. The cavern is the shining gem of the park, and visitors can explore the mile-long cave, which is hidden beneath the earth's surface. The cave is vast, with intricate stalactites, stalagmites, and other geological formations that offer a stunning visual treat to those who visit. The park offers a guided tour of the caverns where visitors can witness the magical aura of the cave and learn about its rich history.

Apart from exploring the cavern, the park brings forth plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. You can enjoy a picnic with your family or go on a hike along the beautiful trails. There are several options for camping, from tent camping to fully furnished cabins that offer a comfortable stay in the wilderness. The state park also offers several adventure activities such as gem mining, cave simulator, and train rides, which is especially thrilling for children.

For those interested in history, the park has a museum with exhibits showcasing the park's history, culture, and geology. You can also visit the park's gift store that sells unique souvenirs, handicrafts, and other memorabilia. Additionally, Rickwood Caverns State Park offers educational programs and workshops that teach visitors about the state's ecology and history.

Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the park, which offers a serene environment with lush greenery and natural water bodies. Bird watchers can witness a variety of birds that are native to the park, including hawks, ospreys, and even occasional bald eagles.

In conclusion, Rickwood Caverns State Park in Alabama is a splendid destination for those looking for an adventure, interested in history or just want to escape the hustle-bustle of the city. With many things to do and see, this State Park is worth adding to your itinerary when visiting Alabama.

Average weather in Rickwood Caverns State Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan 11 °C 3 °C 121 mm 1 mm
Feb 14 °C 5 °C 154 mm 3 mm
Mar 18 °C 8 °C 155 mm 0 mm
Apr 22 °C 12 °C 132 mm 0 mm
May 27 °C 17 °C 85 mm 0 mm
Jun 30 °C 21 °C 97 mm 0 mm
Jul 32 °C 23 °C 104 mm 0 mm
Aug 31 °C 22 °C 92 mm 0 mm
Sep 29 °C 20 °C 69 mm 0 mm
Oct 24 °C 14 °C 92 mm 0 mm
Nov 17 °C 7 °C 82 mm 0 mm
Dec 14 °C 6 °C 146 mm 1 mm

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