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Ukkusiksalik National Park is located in Nunavut, Canada and was established in 2003. Spanning 20,500 square kilometers, it is one of the largest parks in the country and is filled with lush boreal forest and rolling tundra. Rich in wildlife, the park is home to some of Canada's most majestic species, including polar bears, caribou, wolves, and migratory birds.

The park also offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. Nature lovers can explore the trails leading to dramatic cliffs, waterfalls, and remote lakes, while adventure seekers can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, fishing, wilderness camping, and trekking. There are also snowmobiling, dog sledding, and snow kiting trips on offer during the winter months. There is something for everyone in Ukkusiksalik National Park.

In addition to its natural beauty, this park also has a rich cultural history, as it is home to a number of Inuit communities who still practice many traditional ways of life. Many of the cultural points of interest in the park, such as archaeological sites, ancient rock paintings and carvings, and traditional Inuit dwellings, provide a glimpse into life in past times.

Ukkusiksalik National Park is a great destination for both families and individuals. Its diverse wildlife and natural beauty makes it one of Canada's most popular parks, and its cultural heritage makes it a must-see for those looking for a unique experience. Whether you're hiking the trails or taking a cultural tour, this park will keep you captivated for days.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ukkusiksalik National Park

What is Ukkusiksalik National Park?

Ukkusiksalik National Park is a national park in Nunavut, Canada, located on the tundra of the Canadian Arctic. The park encompasses an area of over 20,500 square kilometers, protecting a variety of landscapes, habitats, and species.

How can I access Ukkusiksalik National Park?

The park can be accessed by air charter or by a combination of small airplane, snowmobile, and all-terrain vehicle. Most charters, including Nunavut Adventure Program, operate out of the nearby Rankin Inlet Airport.

What wildlife can I see in Ukkusiksalik National Park?

Ukkusiksalik is home to a wide range of Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, caribou, muskoxen, Arctic fox, birds, and fish. Visitors also have a good chance of spotting Arctic wolves and moose.

Are there any facilities in Ukkusiksalik National Park?

No, there are no hotels, lodges, or restaurants in Ukkusiksalik National Park, but there are basic amenities such as designated camping areas and pit toilets, as well as picnic areas.

Average weather in Ukkusiksalik National Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan -27 °C -32 °C 0 mm 7 mm
Feb -28 °C -33 °C 0 mm 5 mm
Mar -22 °C -29 °C 0 mm 10 mm
Apr -13 °C -21 °C 0 mm 12 mm
May -3 °C -8 °C 3 mm 19 mm
Jun 8 °C 2 °C 24 mm 6 mm
Jul 15 °C 8 °C 61 mm 0 mm
Aug 12 °C 6 °C 76 mm 1 mm
Sep 5 °C 1 °C 46 mm 12 mm
Oct -4 °C -8 °C 11 mm 31 mm
Nov -16 °C -21 °C 0 mm 16 mm
Dec -23 °C -28 °C 0 mm 12 mm

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