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Auyuittuq National Park is an extensive area in Nunavut, Canada that was established in 1972. It is an expansive 21,470 square kilometers and provides visitors with breathtaking mountainous landscapes, glaciers, river valleys, alpine tundra and large fjords. With its unique Arctic environment, visitors can find a wide variety of animals and plants, as well as the opportunity to engage in a diverse range of outdoor activities.

The park is located on Baffin Island, in Western Nunavut, and within the Arctic Circle. Auyuittuq is one of the most remote national parks in Canada and provides a true wilderness experience. It is divided into two sections, with Badland Pass separating them. The area is generally sparsely occupied, with Akshayuk Pass located in the south and Pangnirtung in the north.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Auyuittuq has numerous options. Hikers and campers can enjoy the park’s dramatic scenery, including glaciers, canyons, fjords and alpine tundra. Three main hiking trails are available in Auyuittuq: Akshayuk Pass, Qitdlarssuaq and Pangnirtung. Experienced hikers and mountaineers can challenge themselves with the more technical climbs of Mt Asgard, Mt Thor, and the Weasel Valley.

Visitors to Auyuittuq National Park can also explore the area’s diverse wildlife, flora and fauna. In the summer, reindeer, Arctic foxes, caribou, and many species of birds can be spotted. You can also fish for arctic char in the creek or lake. The area is also home to species of chartreuse-colored flowers, including Mountain Avens and White Arcticbell.

In addition to its natural beauty, Auyuittuq is home to some of the oldest archaeological sites in Canada. The remains of primitive dwellings and evidence of human habitation has been found on the park’s terraces. This helps to highlight Auyuittuq’s incredible cultural and historical heritage.

Auyuittuq National Park is an exciting destination for any adventure enthusiast. With its dramatic mountain scenery, diverse wildlife, and abundant outdoor activities, Auyuittuq offers a wilderness experience unlike any other. Visitors will find themselves truly immersed in this vast and wild part of our nation’s natural beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Auyuittuq National Park

What type of wildlife can be found in Auyuittuq National Park?

Auyuittuq National Park is home to diverse arctic wildlife, including arctic wolves, foxes, caribou, geomorphic sheep, and polar bears.

What type of activities are available in Auyuittuq National Park?

Auyuittuq National Park offers a variety of activities for visitors, including hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, and backcountry camping.

How large is Auyuittuq National Park?

Auyuittuq National Park covers an area of 21,470 km2 (8,290 mi2).

How many campsites are available in Auyuittuq National Park?

Auyuittuq National Park has three designated campgrounds, the Penny Ice Cap, Akshayuk Pass, and Trail Shelter. Each of these campgrounds has a limited number of backcountry and remote camping sites.

Average weather in Auyuittuq National Park

Temp max Temp min Rain Snow
Jan -25 °C -29 °C 0 mm 5 mm
Feb -27 °C -30 °C 0 mm 4 mm
Mar -24 °C -28 °C 0 mm 7 mm
Apr -17 °C -22 °C 0 mm 12 mm
May -9 °C -14 °C 0 mm 19 mm
Jun -2 °C -6 °C 4 mm 25 mm
Jul 1 °C -2 °C 31 mm 24 mm
Aug 0 °C -3 °C 31 mm 39 mm
Sep -6 °C -10 °C 3 mm 35 mm
Oct -12 °C -16 °C 1 mm 33 mm
Nov -19 °C -22 °C 0 mm 21 mm
Dec -22 °C -26 °C 0 mm 10 mm

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