Map of national parks, state parks, and others in Idaho

Idaho is a state where nature's bounty abounds, and its countless national and state parks are a testament to this. Home to some of the most stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife, parks in Idaho offer travelers and nature enthusiasts an unforgettable experience.

National parks in Idaho offer visitors an incredible opportunity to explore some of the most iconic natural wonders in the United States. These parks are protected ecosystems that offer a unique opportunity to view and appreciate the natural world. They are a window into remote and pristine natural areas that have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. You can enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, wildlife watching, and other outdoor activities in this area.

On the other hand, state parks in Idaho provide a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. Here, visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor recreational activities, including swimming, fishing, boating, picnicking, hiking, and cycling, among others. From mountains to hot springs, state parks in Idaho offer an array of diverse experiences.

In all, Idaho's parks offer a breathtaking contrast between the rugged beauty of the mountains and the gentle serenity of the rivers and valleys. The parks feature vast wilderness areas, which are habitats for various species of flora and fauna. The greens are soothing to the eyes, and the vast, open landscapes are invigorating. Enjoy the autumn colors, the mellow sunshine of summer, or the tranquil snowscapes winter brings.

If you're planning a visit to Idaho, make sure you take some time to explore its stunning parks. With many opportunities to explore nature, these parks offer a rewarding and adventurous experience. Whether you're a seasoned outdoors enthusiast or a casual traveler, there is something for everyone here. Plan your next trip to Idaho and visit one of its many beautiful parks in the region.

How many parks in Idaho you can find on Traveler Map?

  • national historical park: 1
  • national historic site: 1
  • national monuments: 2
  • national park: 1
  • national recreation area: 1
  • national reserve: 1
  • state parks: 26